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About us

Hello! After learning about, and working with crystals over the last 5 years, my infatuation for them has grown into a passion. In 2020 I started learning about the power and magic of herbs and flowers as well.
I decided to combine the 2 elements and found out how powerfully they can work together.

Granddaughters Apothecary is a way preserve the beauty of what nature gave us, while also harnessing the energy it can provide.

Each candle is made of 100% American made organic soy wax. Not only is it healthier to burn in your home, but it also means all the genuine crystals, and crystal chips are yours to keep after you’re done burning. The herbs and flowers are also all natural. Each candle has VERY specific crystal and herb blend meant to assist in manifesting a desired intention. I include a helpful guide for how to set your intention, information about your stones, and instructions on how to safely burn your candle.

Each Essential Oil Roller is 10ml and includes a set of genuine crystal chips and herbs meant to work toward your specific intention. Oil blends are hand-poured and blended, then steeped in their larger crystal and herb combination. I include a helpful guide for how to apply the oil and set your intention, as well as an info card about your crystal combination.

Thank you for checking us out and for supporting small businesses!
<3 Erika
Founding Granddaughter