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Are the candles safe to burn?
Yes!! Please see our Safe Burn Guide accessible from anywhere on the website or see the instruction.

What kind of wax do you use?
Our wax is American made organic 100% natural soy. This means that it is safe to burn without the fear of toxic fumes. This also means it is safe to keep your crystals after using your candle. Remove with caution and care. Use Dawn Dish Soap and a little elbow grease for stubborn wax.

Do I have to burn my candle to manifest my intention?
The crystal and herb blend partnered with your intentional energy will create manifesting power even if it isn’t lit.

Are the candles made with essential oil or fragrance oil?
Fragrance oil. Burning essential oils can be dangerous for those with allergies, sensitive respitory systems, and pets.

Do you use nut oils?
Yes. All of our Essential Oil Rollers contain a version of a nut oil.
We will work on getting allergy free available!

What Oil are in the Oil Blends?
Our oil blends are a proprietary recipe. If you have allergy concerns, feel free to email us.

Where do you get your crystals?
We source our genuine crystals from small businesses around the Country.