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1 DO NOT leave your candle unattended. DRIED HERBS AND FLOWERS ARE FLAMMABLE

2. DO NOT let candle burn to the bottom. The herbs and flowers will collect at the bottom and become a fire hazard.

3. The 1st burn is the most important!! Allow enough time for the top layer of wax to melt fully.

4. Trim wicks before each burn to ensure a safe burn.

5. Do not move your candle when the container is hot or the candle is lit

6. Do not remove crystals when wax is hot or candle is lit.

7. Remove stones before burning, especially large stones. If large herbs or flowers are too close to the flame, extinguish candle and remove the piece. Smaller stones or stones left in the candle can be removed with a spoon when wax is cooled.

8. Raw crystals can have sharp edges. Do not squeeze or let children or animals handle your raw stones . Handle with care.